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What Hero Should You Choose Being a New Player?

One of the first things that can hit all newcomers to League of Legends is a very large list of heroes, which counts more than 130 and this number will grow. The mechanics of all the characters are very different: there are such you'd better choose after a couple of hundred hours of play while others are so easy to learn that the player who first launched the game can play effectively.

Before choosing a hero, you need to decide on the preferred role on the battlefield. In LoL, as in many other games of the MOVA genre, there are 4 main types of fighters: tanks, supports, magicians and killers.

All LoL players continue their career at the betting source. However, to succeed, first, it is worth starting an acquaintance with the game from 2 classes of fighters. Tanks have a large supply of health and armor (which can be increased by using items), which increases their chances of surviving in the epicenter of the battle. Support is only required to stand behind their teammates and use their spells to restore their health, improve attack rates, etc. Now let's go through each class separately.

Garen and His Abilities

This guy at the beginning and in the middle of a match can do a lot of damage and easily eliminate enemy champions. Especially good is his “ult”, (the most powerful ability of the hero, which, as a rule, has a great recharge time - editorial note), which inflicts damage to the enemy, depending on the lack of target health, which makes Garen an extremely dangerous duelist. A separate nice bonus - spells do not require mana. Also, Garen is very tenacious due to "innate" health regeneration, as well as the spells "Bravery" and "Decisive blow" (it removes all the negative effects of enemy spells). The hero is definitely good for both defense and attack on enemy towers. Its only drawback is weak against ranged heroes and in the later stages of the game is more dependent on allies.

Warwick and His Skills

This is a great hero for those who prefer the game in the forest. Almost all of his skills are aimed at finding, pursuing and killing wounded enemy champions. And his skill "Primitive Howl" and a large supply of health make him a hard to kill adversary.


Volibear has a large supply of health and passive, significantly increasing the chances of survival even in the most difficult battle. Active skills are very easy to use and make him a good hunter and a 1 on 1 fighter. Alas, the skills have a rather long reload, and the champion himself is vulnerable to shooter attacks.

Choose one of the heroes and you have good chances to succeed.