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Sex Fetishism: The Most Popular Male Weaknesses

Fetishism can become a problem only if, without, for example, shoes, a man is no longer capable of full-fledged arousal and sex. However, if addiction does not go beyond the bounds of reason, it can become a wonderful highlight in your foreplay and lovemaking. Eric Burn wrote that fetishes are for men "a symbolic substitute for a loved one." However, most of girls encourage cute male weaknesses. So, which fetishes are most popular with the men?

  1. Stilettos

    The absolute majority of men adore this part of the women's toilet. And foot-fetishists, melting at the sight of female feet, and BDSM-fans, who themselves are happy to please the heels of a strong woman, and just aesthetes who like a sexual walk with a swaying hips. By the way, it was thanks to this fetish that Marilyn Monroe got her first good role. She just came to audition in shoes, where the heel was filed on one heel. As a result, while walking, the actress sexually wagged her hips and unconditionally got the role.

  2. Parts of the body (breast, feet, buttocks, etc.)

    In the world, probably, there will not be a single heterosexual who would not be excited by a naked female body. Breasts, buttocks, and vagina are very common fetishes. Hundreds of men all over the world like downblouse. However, there are men who prefer watching female parts of the body: for example, hands, feet, legs, neck, etc. In countries where women are forced to cover their faces, it is sometimes enough for a girl to bare her wrist to excite a representative of the stronger sex.

  3. Leather, latex and other attributes of BDSM

    You do not need to be a sadomasochist to get excited by a woman in the image of an aggressive domina. The image of a female cat pulled in leather and latex, to put it mildly, is not new. But, nevertheless, he still does not bother men. Psychologists say that people who want to hide their emotional softness and sensitivity wear the skin. Be that as it may, the aggressive Amazon practically leaves no one indifferent.

  4. Lips, red lipstick

    Perhaps, female lips suggest kissing, perhaps arouse fantasies about oral sex - in any case, a woman with a beautiful mouth always attracts attention. Sexologists say that men can subconsciously associate female lips with the genitals. Whether it’s true or not, you’re to judge, but, mindful of this version, it is worth stocking up with scarlet lipstick.

  5. Hair

    Many men are excited by the look and smell of female hair. An understandable weakness that is easy to satisfy. In addition, the hair stores aroma for a long time, and this can also be used.

  6. Lingerie

    It’s a completely understandable male weakness that does not need special explanations. By the way, not all men get new underwear. Many are much more excited by worn women's panties. However, this is a matter of taste.

  7. 7. Mini skirt

    Even if all the designers and fashion critics of the world chorus declare mini vulgarity and bad taste, men are unlikely to stop loving this wardrobe item. And this is wonderful, because most modern girls do not want to hide their virtues.

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