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Bloodthorn in Dota 2 6.87

This item is collected not for a hero, but in most cases, against someone. But there are characters in this great game that will feel great with this slot in almost any situation. As everyone knows, he imposes a silence on the victim and does not give her the opportunity to dodge enemy attacks. Also, all the pokes entering on it will be increased by 30%. Based on this, we can conclude that this item will be good for those heroes who can perform solo murders and make them at the expense of strong punches from the hand. There is a definite list of characters. They are placed in a chaotic manner, in different game situations their usefulness will fluctuate. Learn more about them to succeed when gambling at


Everyone has long known that while standing passively on the line, this hero collects Orchid Malevolence in order to defend himself from most attempts to get her out of the web. With this object most often attacks on a spider turn into the death of the aggressor. Of course, Orchid himself is very useful by increasing the speed of attack, damage, as well as excellent regeneration of manna. With the ultimate, this hero does a lot of damage, it would be nice to increase it at the expense of the Bloodthorn. In addition, if the enemies have mistakes, then it will be much easier to kill them.


There are two main assemblies for this hero, one through Orchid Malevolence, the other through Medallion of Courage. The author of this article is much more impressed by the second, but there are also fans to gather through Orchid. Of course, with the addition of a new artifact, the assembly became more relevant and Clinkz with it becomes stronger in Leyte. Especially, it will be good against heroes who have mistakes. In the assembly through a medal you have to collect the Monkey King Bar. But the very high cost of the Bloodthorn makes you think carefully about the lack of purchase.


This is one of the best build options on BP. Orchid itself is strong on this hero at the expense of damage, manna, and so on. By collecting Bloodthorn, you ensure a huge amount of damage, control of the enemy and no need to collect MKB. However, do not approach this issue with fanaticism. You will need to start Blink Dagger and, if necessary, Black King Bar, only then you should farm your Bloodthorn.

Nature’s Prophet

This hero is collected in a variety of ways, there is no clearly expressed main type of application. He can push lines, maybe a mobile ganger and so on. In case he is taken to the map to help in the killings, then this artifact will be very useful to him. Indeed, any sacrifice on the map in a few seconds turns into a tidbit of meat that is not capable of doing anything.

Queen of pain

This hero is a great procaster and mainly deals damage due to abilities, but in the late game it becomes difficult and sometimes you have to beat the enemy with his hand. It has long become fashionable to collect Orchid Malevolence on the Kvopa, it is excellent in helping to kill opponents in solos. If you abandon Aganim and other magical nonsense, then after Orchid you can collect something like MKB or Eye of Skadi. These artifacts will become very strong in conjunction with Bloodthorn and allow you to be effective until the end of the game.