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Advantages of Swinging for Your Relationships

In couples, in which “love has grown into respect and habit,” and sex into a routine, passion needs to be renewed. Do you have a desire to experience something new in your relationships? In Europe, the attitude towards swinging has long been decided. In Germany, more than 80% of couples consider it a normal personification of sex. It is believed that this is a product of the evolution of marital ties.

Let’s imagine a situation. At first, the couple was just fine together, no matter how and where. Later, they began to try poses from the Kama Sutra, new places, then, toys from the nearest sex shop. But the libido didn’t react in any way. And then they decided to visit the swingers club. But what really happens with a couple after one or more swinger experiences? One popular opinion says: passion after an unforgettable experience can really come back. But after a while, a new recharge will be needed. Let’s find out whether it’s worth visiting

The Positive Impact of Swinging on Marriage

If you look more broadly at the concept of sexual satisfaction, then the logical question arises: Why should you stick to the rules invented by someone if both of the couples are ready to try something new? Moreover, swinging is really not treason. This is a real way to get a tremendous swinger experience, diversify your sex, understand yourself, your level of sexuality, and your desires. Among other things, according to the Italian sexologist and psychiatrist Willy Pasini, swinging can be an indispensable way to become free and fundamentally change your nature, turning into a confident person.

The following positive moment of the “exchange” follows from here: this is a great opportunity not only to refresh your marriage, but also to save it. Not finding any quality in their soul mate, partners plunge into the world of other people. And really without changing, they get the opportunity to begin to value their spouse with renewed vigor and in a new way.

What Does the Survey Say?

In addition, the results of in-depth studies of the issue turned out to be rather interesting. For example, sociologists professors Curtis Bergstrand and Jennifer Blevins Williams from Bellarmine University, (Louisville, Kentucky, USA), claim that out of 100% of those surveyed before the swinger experience, they were unhappy in marriage and became happier after that, as many as 90.4% of couples.